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Discover serenity and embark on a transformative journey at Sha Yoga, the premier yoga retreat in Varkala. With 25 years of experience, we are dedicated to nurturing your well-being through the harmonious practice of yoga and meditation. Nestled amidst the breathtaking coastal beauty of Varkala, our retreat provides the perfect sanctuary to rejuvenate your body, calm your mind, and nourish your soul. Immerse yourself in the ancient wisdom of yoga and experience the profound benefits of meditation in the idyllic setting of Varkala.


Our vision is to create a supportive and motivating community where everyone feels welcome and inspired to cultivate a regular yoga practice.

Sha Yoga Highlights


Sha yoga varkala offer 21&28 days Yoga TTC,Yoga TTC stands for Yoga Teacher Training Course.Its program designed to deepen your understanding of yoga,both physically and spiritually,and to equip you with the skills to teach yoga to others.These courses typically cover various aspects of yoga,including asanas[poses],pranayama[breathing exercises],meditation,anatomy,philosophy,and teaching methodologies.They often vary in duration,intensity,and focus,ranging from a few weeks to several months.


A yoga workshop is typically an extended session focused on exploring specific aspects of yoga practice,such as alignment,breath work,meditation,or particular poses.Its often led by an experienced yoga instructor and can vary in length from a few hours to multiple days.workshops provide an opportunity for participants to deepen their understanding of yoga,refine their techniques,and sometimes delve into more advanced practices.They can be great for both beginners and experienced practitioners looking to enhance their practice.


Ayur yoga treatment is a holistic approach to wellness that combines principles of Ayurveda and Yoga.It integrates Ayurvedic practices such as dietary guidelines,herbal remedies,and lifestyle recommendations with yoga techniques like asanas[postures]pranayama[breath control],and meditation to promote physical,mental,and spiritual balance.This approach aims to address imbalances in the body and mind,enhancing overall health and well-being.


At sha yoga you can get a good opporchunity to explore different types of breathing techniques. Pranayama,the ancient yogic practice of controlled breathing,offers a profound gateway to holistic well-being and inner harmony.Pranayama guides practitioners in harnessing the vital energy within through conscious manipulation of the breath.Individuals can cultivate a deeper connection to their inner selves,reduce stress,and enhance mental clarity.Through regular practice,pranayama unlocks the bodys innate ability to balance the nervous system,improve respiratory function,and promote overall vitality.


Panchakarma yoga retreat is a traditional Ayurvedic detoxification and rejuvenation program that combines yoga practices with specialized cleansing therapies.It typically involves a series of cleansing treatments,dietary adjustments,herbal remedies,yoga asanas,pranayama [breathing exercises],and meditation.The aim is to eliminate toxins from the body,balance the doshas[bioeneries],improve overall health,and promote spiritual well-being.These retreats are often conducted in serene natural setting conductive to healing and relaxation


Sha yoga offer a short excursions or outings that typically last for just one day,allowing people to explore nearby attractions,landmarks,or natural wonders without needing overnight accommodation.They are great way to break up routine,discover new places,and have fun without committing to a longer journey.Day trips can include activities like hiking,visiting museums,exploring quaint towns,or simply enjoying a day at the beach.

Offers Of Variety

Retreat Highlights

Yoga Therapy

The world once again has accepted that Yoga practice can also play a big role in treatment of many acute and chronic ailments of body and mind.at our yoga retreat every day we can offer therapeutic yoga sequence.

Guided Meditation

Every day we can offer meditation classes, In this meditation classes,you will not only be guided on your spiritual path but also get a chance to reflect internally by looking at your thoughts and understanding your thoughts and understanding your emotions .you will learn herethe different techniques of how to meditate successfully

Ayurveda Massage (Full Body)

We offer Full-body massage using warm medicated oils improves circulation,relieves fatigue and related body aches and nourishes the skin,also enhances blood circulation,eases muscular pain and relaxes the muscles of the neck,back and shoulders,we offer Ayurveda massage according to guest interest.

Divine energy

Every Spiritual Hatha yoga is a spiritual practice to feel the divine energy within us by using our body&breath.The sequence is designed for relaxation of body&mind to feel the Devine energy within us by the improved awareness by yoga.spiritual yoga is for Awaken the inner energy through proper breathing with conscious movements&postures.

Yoga Nidra(Psychic Sleep)

When a yoga practitioner moves through the various internal states of yoga Nidra,a profound experience of relaxation occurs,This is called “turiya”a sensation of pure bliss.This will cover Basic relaxation,tens relaxation,and full body relaxation.

Destress Program

At sha yoga retreat we offer different types meditation,Yoga nidra, yoga,breathing techniques,manthra chanting and relaxation techniques,it will help to reduce your stress and anxiety will get the peace,happiness and joy.Focusing on the present moment during your yoga practice enhances your awareness,boosts your concentration,and centers your mind.

Shayoga Varkala


Nurturing Inner Balance and Peace

At Sha Yoga, we embrace the practice of meditation as a gateway to nurturing inner balance and peace. By training the mind to focus and cultivate mindfulness, meditation allows you to experience a profound sense of calmness and clarity. Through regular practice, you can reduce stress, enhance self-awareness, and gain a deeper understanding of your thoughts and emotions. Join us on this transformative journey as we guide you towards a state of inner serenity and well-being. Discover the transformative power of meditation and unlock the harmony that resides within you.



Breeze house is located in varkala south cliff 100 meters away from Aliyirakkam beach 2.5km away from 2000 years old janardhana swamy Temple,3.5 km away from sivagiri mutt and 3km away from the famous varkala north cliff.Breeze house offers the traveler a calm and beautiful environment to enjoy the panoramic view of Arabian sea that gives a perfect recipe of relaxing holiday.our homestay is family owned,operated homestay situated in a peaceful and quite colony away from the city traffic,noise and pollution.we provide our guests with all the basic and necessary facilities.we assure our guests a safe,homely and friendly environment.


During this retreat,you will be served three times a day Ayurvedic organic vegetarian food according to your body and mind constitution.we served only vegetarian food.most of the food are organically grown seasonal fruits and vegitables collecting from selected farmers or shops in the village.

Our Team

Meet Our Yoga Team

SHAJI (Yoga Acharya)

Yoga Acharya shaji holds a master Degree in yoga and is a qualified instructor of both Hatha and Ashtanga traditions.For the past five years,he has traveled to various parts of the world to share his passion for teaching yoga and spirituality with a vast number of people from different walks of life.shaji works at various yoga centers around india, where he teaches Hatha yoga,asanas,pranayama,Nidra yoga,kriyas,meditation,and different stress management and relaxation techniques.He also specializes in diabetic therapy and professional yoga.Many yoga and spiritual aspirants have benifited from his inspiring talks and teachings


Jinu Thomas is a professional yoga trainer and a spiritual teacher with special experience in the classical style of yoga,meditation,and philosophy of yoga Vedanta.He has been practicing yoga for more than 20 years in various ashrams and yoga schools in india.His special techniques combined with his gentle,peaceful,and kind manners help beginners as well as skilled yoga practitioners.He”s worked as a yoga master with sha yoga since 2015 leading yoga retreats and teacher training workshops. Many yoga and spiritual aspirants have benifited from his inspiring talks and teachings.


Aishwarya Haridas,RYT 200,from kerala,India. Yoga has been a part of my life for over last 8 years,and my practice has helped my grow stronger,more flexible and fearless,both on and off the mat.I completed my 200 hour Teachers training with Sivananda Yoga Vedanta centre and has an experience of 6 years in the teaching field at various ayurvedic and yoga studios in india,Oman and UAE.where in people are healed using yoga practices (therapeutic yoga).Apart from the yoga classes,Lessons based on scriptures (Bhagavd gita As it is)at application level are also taught.In my classes,I love to combine a creative sequencing of the breathing techniques along with hatha yoga Asanas with proper and timely relaxations.

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